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The Doty-Doten Family in America, written in 1897, is out of print, however a copy is available online.


Six child line books were written and printed by the Society in 1992, but are no longer available.  Five of these books covered the descendants of five sons of Edward Doty - Edward2, Isaac2, John2, Joseph2 and Samuel2.  The sixth volume included the descendants of Thomas2, Elizabeth2, Desire2 and Mary2.  The information included in these books is available in the detailed-lineage section of this web site.


The Mayflower Families Through Five Generations books are available from the General Society of Mayflower Descendants.

The following descendants of Edward Doty are included in the three books comprising Volume 11:
Part 1 - Edward2, and John2
Part 2 - Thomas2, Samuel2, Desire2, and Elizabeth2
Part 3 - Isaac2, Joseph2 and Mary2
The author, Peter Hill, is currently preparing a revised edition.



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