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Vietnam Soldiers


The following Doty family members died in Vietnam War and are honored with their names on the Wall in Washington D.C. If you know of additional names that should be incluced, please contact the Web Master.


Charles Doty, Louisiana -- www.virtualwall.org/dd/DotyCx01a.htm

Claire Duane Doty, Michigan -- www.virtualwall.org/dd/DotyCD01a.htm

James Marshall Doty, WV -- www.virtualwall.org/dd/DotyJM01a.htm

Loyal Baron Doty, West Virginia -- www.virtualwall.org/dd/DotyLB01a.htm

Vaughn Ormon Doty, New York -- www.virtualwall.org/dd/DotyVO01a.htm

Wesley George Doty, New Jersey -- www.virtualwall.org/dd/DotyWG01a.htm

Carl Louis Doughtie, NC -- www.virtualwall.org/dd/DoughtieCL01a.htm

Ronald Edward Doughtie, PA -- www.virtualwall.org/dd/DoughtieRE01a.htm

James Alden Doughty, MA -- www.virtualwall.org/dd/DoughtyJA01a.htm

Robert Thomas Doughty, NJ -- www.virtualwall.org/dd/DoughtyRT01a.htm


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