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Lineage Summary


Edward Doty was born before 1599 (?). He died 23 August 1655 in Plymouth, MA. He married Faith Clark 6 January 1634/35 in Plymouth. Their nine children were born in Plymouth.


The use of a superscript, for example, Samuel2,indicates the generation number, with Pilgrim Edward Doty as the first generation, the progenitor.


Each lineage summary extends to the 4th generation.  Many members of the 4th generation were alive from the early 1700s to the early 1800s, during the French and Indian Wars and the Revolutionary War.  A "C" in the right-hand column of 4th-generation pages indicates that there were children in the 5th generation that may have descendants.




Edward2 Doty

about 1637

8 February 1690 in Plymouth

John2 Doty

about 1640

8 May 1701 in Plymouth

Thomas2 Doty

1641 or 1642

4 or 5 December 1678 in Plymouth

Samuel2 Doty

1643 or 1644

November 1715 in Piscataway, NJ

Desire2 Doty

about 1646

22 January 1731 in Marshfield, MA

Elizabeth2 Doty

about 1647

after 1705

Isaac2 Doty

8 February 1649

1728 in Oyster Bay, LI, NY

Joseph2 Doty

"last of April" 1651

about 1732 in Rochester, MA

Mary2 Doty

about 1653

before 13 June 1728

Edward Doty Society Members: If you have additional data for your lineage that you would like to add to the Edward Doty Society database, go here for inforfmation on how to submit the data.


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