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September 2002 Society Meeting



Here are thumbnails of photographs taken at the September 2002 meeting in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  To see the expanded version of a picture, click on the thumbnail.  To return to this page, use the "back" button on your browser.

Edward Doty actor.jpg (27904 bytes) "Edward Doty" at the Plymouth Plantation banquet. Mary Lee Merrill accepting award.jpg (28134 bytes) Founder Mary Lee Merrill accepts an award from Governor Tim Morse.
Youngest attendees.jpg (143720 bytes) The youngest attendees - Barbara (13) and Miranda (9). Place settings.jpg (120678 bytes) "Plymouth Rock" place settings.
Mayflower II.jpg (122815 bytes) The Mayflower II.

Origins of the Pilgrims.jpg (802239 bytes) Origins of the Pilgrims (map displayed at the Mayflower II)

Housewife.jpg (112073 bytes) Housewife cooking lunch at the Plimoth Plantation

Mending fences.jpg (41078 bytes) Mending fences at the Plimoth Plantation.




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